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China national motorcycle history | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

In August 1951, began to manufacture, produce motorcycles in China, by the time the people's Liberation Army, Beijing automotive business equipped with six factory completed the preparation tasks 5 heavy military motorcycles, and named by the Central Military Commission to Jinggangshan. The car speeds of up to 110 kilometers per hour. To

In 1953, the jinggang mountains for two-wheeled motorcycles annual output of more than 1000 vehicles. Jinggangshan brand motorcycle appeared, marked China's motorcycle industry has opened up a new era.

Nearly 10 years, the development of China's motorcycle industry faster. From the production point of view, the annual production capacity of 49,000 vehicles from 1980 till 1990 970,000 units, up to today's yiqianduowanliang, China became the largest country in the world motorcycle production, motorcycles have become pillar industries--automobile industry an important part of.

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