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Germany national motorcycle history | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

Germany is the birthplace of motorcycle, the most familiar is the BMW company.

BMW company start-up time of only producing aircraft engines, the famous blue-and-white propeller-shaped pattern proves this point. In 1921, began producing motorcycle BMW twin-cylinder engine, and in 1923 BMW aircraft designer Marcos. Fritz opened the prelude of the motorcycle. 500ml engine installed in the frame, cylinder to extend both ways, this simple and efficient design is still in use. BMW motorcycle to sophisticated manufacturing processes and is famous for its expensive price. In the area of auto sales has a market, car sales, see the German reaction to it will know, this rule also applies in the motorcycle market. BMW to exceptional quality worldwide, motorcycle Ambassador etiquette is in many countries the team to clear the selection of models.

BMW is characterized by a lot of high-tech electronic products, it's no wonder Honda Gold Wing to copy it.

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