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Italy national motorcycle history | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

Italy's heavy industry, light industry and tourism are very well developed, of course, motorcycles are also very developed. But because of the education level of our people and has been in a very low State, so many American brands are not perceived by the people of Europe. Is Italy in medium and small enterprises, for small companies to determine the brand of people, its perception is certainly very little.

1946 world the movie Roman holiday, in which romantic love story everyone infected, has spread. And Hepburn driving pedal car is from Italy Piaggio, VESPA, also known as PA or New Orleans, the car was not as Japan's motorcycle pedal with plastic casing, but stencil frame, so durability is very high. 40 's and 50 's are seen by VESPA. Currently has 50 million units sold around the world. India 3 million, Viet Nam 1 million vehicles, less than 10 vehicles in China. Piaggio is currently cooperating with Government in Shanghai.

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