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Types of analysis | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

The motorcycle classification, different countries have different classification methods. International standards (ISO3833-1977) by speed and weight motorcycles are divided into two categories: dual-purpose motorcycles and scooters. Classification of Chinese motorcycle, generally there are two: one is based on the displacement and a maximum design speed of, into scooters and motorcycles. Moped engine capacity not exceeding 50 ml, maximum design speed of not more than 50 km. Motorcycle engine displacement greater than 50 ml, maximum design speed of over 50 km of two-wheeled or three-wheeled motorcycle. Another I is based on the number and location of the wheel, is divided into two-wheel carts, tricycles and a tricycle three classes.

General habits according to purpose, structure and engine sorted by type and volume. If only it jobs within the city, a short distance transport, choose no more than 50 kilometers per hour, compact small mini motorcycles or mopeds. Need to travel frequently between urban and rural areas, can two people ride, suitable for General motorcycle 125~250 ml working volume of the engine. Such as road conditions, demand high speeds or for general competition, selection of Motocross.

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