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BMW's History Began In 1916 | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

  BMW's history began in 1916, in mainland China early translation for the Barrier. The company was originally an aircraft engine manufacturer, 1917 or a limited liability company, in 1918 renamed Bavarian engine manufacturing company and listed. Founder of Gisborne - Otto in the field of aviation a high degree of success, so that he with great ambition to create a car, he later decided to write for the history of the car which glorious page, that is, today's thousands of cars Worn by the German BMW car factory.

  BMW's blue and white logo symbolizes the rotation of the propeller, which is the company's early history portrayal. But the current president of BMW has corrected that people always think that the blue and white signs are propellers, in fact, should be, BMW's headquarters in Munich, Germany, Bavaria, and Bavaria state flag is blue and white, BMW's name is Bavarian engine company, BMW on behalf of the Bavarian, on behalf of Germany's most exquisite engine technology.

  In 1923, the first BMW motorcycle came out. Five years later in 1928, BMW acquired the Essenauer car factory and began producing cars. Later, BMW will be a lot of masterpieces of automotive manufacturing to the market, these products continue to stimulate a strong feeling and people's desire to cast a BMW company as a car manufacturer's outstanding reputation.

  BMW Group today is the most successful and efficient car and motorcycle manufacturer in the world. In 2002, the company successfully sold more than 1 million BMW and MINI brand cars, sales record for the first time exceeded one million; in the motorcycle business, sales of more than 92,000, another record high sales. In the world, BMW Group, the total number of employees more than 100,000 people.

  Has always been to high-end brand-oriented, is the basis for business success. BMW Group has BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce (Rolls Royce) three brands. These brands occupy the high-end from small cars to all the top luxury cars, making the BMW Group the only company in the world focused on luxury cars and motorcycles.

  High-end means "added value", BMW Group's brand has a clear brand image, its products in the design of aesthetics, dynamic and dynamic performance, technical content and overall quality has a wealth of product content, so these brands can give users Provide tangible added value. On this basis, the BMW Group expects to achieve higher bicycle profit margins, thus continuing to maintain profitable growth and ensure the company's future independence.

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