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BMW Was Founded In 1916 And Headquartered In Munich | Updated: Jul 25, 2017

  BMW is one of the three major luxury brands in Germany, BMW cars have 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, i, X, Z, I and several series, as well as in the Department of the basis of Improved M Series (BMW's official high-performance modification department).

  BMW was founded in 1916 and headquartered in Munich, Germany.

  BMW's blue and white logo BMW headquarters location Bavarian state flag color. For centuries, BMW has grown from a fleet of first aircraft engines to a luxury sedan and produces world-renowned aircraft engines, off-road vehicles and motorcycles. BMW was also translated as "Barry".

  BMW was founded on March 7, 1916. BMW was formerly an aircraft factory, originally known for making streamlined bike reconnaissance aircraft. The name of the predecessor company is BFW, the founder of the company, Gustan Otto, The July 20, 1917, BFW company began to reorganize, officially known as BMW,

  In 1923, BMW developed the first motorcycle engine, although not adopted, but has set an important direction for the depot, the end of 1923, they specifically in Munich, the production of motorcycles, and linked to the trademark of the BMW R32 motorcycle is the first time in the market. BMW in July 9, 1929 morning paper made a full version of the ad, announced to enter the automotive industry. BMW's first series of production car legend was born.

  "BayerischeMotorenWerke AG", a well-known luxury car brand in the world, headquartered in Bavaria, Munich, the official name of the Bavarian Engine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (German: BayerischeMotorenWerke AG), is a world famous luxury car brand, headquartered in Bavaria, Munich. BMW is often referred to as Bimmer, the brand in mainland China, Hong Kong and early Taiwan, often referred to as BMW.

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