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BMWStarting Vision ConnectedDrive Concept Car | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

BMW was founded on March 7, 1916. BMW was formerly an aircraft factory, originally known for making streamlined bike reconnaissance aircraft. The name of the predecessor company was BFW. The company was founded by Gustan Otto (Gustan Otto) ). July 20, 1917, BFW company began to reorganize, officially named BMW, in 1922, BMW developed the first motorcycle engine, although not adopted, but has set an important direction for the depot, the end of 1923 , They specifically in the Munich (Munich) production of motorcycles, and linked to the trademark of the R32 motorcycle is the first time in the market sales. BMW in July 9, 1929 morning paper made a full version of the ad, announced to enter the automotive industry. BMW's first series of production car legend was born.

BMW cars have 1,3,4,5,6,7,8 (discontinued), i, M, X, Z several series. Among them, 1 is a small car, 3 is a medium-sized car, 4 series is a medium-sized coupe (including hood), 5 series is a large car, 6 series is a large double coupe (including hood), 7 Is a luxury D-class car, i is the BMW is not mass production concept car series, M is BMW's high performance and sports car version, X is the BMW-specific SUV (sport-type multi-purpose car) car, Z Department is BMW Entry-level sports car. And out of the 4 series, the production version of the BMW 4 Series is basically from the 4 Series Coupe concept car conversion, to replace the original 3 Series Coupe.

BMW in 2011 Geneva Motor Show officially launched Vision ConnectedDrive concept car, the car is based on two sports car, is a proposed integrated network design and technological innovation of intelligent cars. Some of the design of the car is based on the BMW EfficientDynamics concept car, and on this basis, BMW hopes to achieve the vehicle in the comfort, security and information system sharing on the expansion.

The car's drive should be a pure electric version, but BMW did not announce any news. The BMW also said that the car's focus is not on the drive, but in the design of the diode lighting with the driver, passengers, vehicles and the surrounding environment to separate, visual lighting system has also become the four direct communication link.

"This BMW BMW ConnectedDrive uses a centralized model to showcase the network design patterns between now and in the future." BMW spokespersons were fashionable at a press conference. "The design on top of the car As well as technology to make vehicles become part of the world network, in this car above the safety, comfort and information experience thanks to the innovation of the car's functionality, independence. The show to the driver and passengers unparalleled The beauty of all the previous models are catching up.

Through the lighting of the three lights, the car can get a variety of information, three layers of light in the first layer focused on safety, with red around the driver and the hood, this layer of light will advance the road and the driver as the focus. The second layer of light also contains the safety, and extends to the passenger compartment, but this layer will focus on infotainment, defined by the light blue light. The last layer is defined by the green light, focusing on the interaction with the surrounding vehicle, providing an external antenna for receiving data on the rearview mirror. The concept car from a number of sensors to collect the external environment, the vehicle also provides three-dimensional images can be displayed in the head-up display to eliminate the driver's blind spot.

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