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Development Of Motorcycle | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

In 1884, the British aidehua·butele on a bicycle equipped with a power unit, made of a tricycle

Using kerosene powered. In 1885, Germany's "father of the automobile" made of Terry cloth • Daimler gasoline engine with single cylinder air-driven three-wheeled motorcycle. On August 29 he received a patent for this invention. Therefore, Daimler is acknowledged as the inventor of the motorcycle in the world. Daimler's first motorcycle powered internal combustion engine cylinder cellars to 264 cm, at 700 rpm per minute, power up to 0.5 HP, at speeds of up to 12-kilometer. Car wooden structure, rear wheel for the belt drive, flanked by supporting wheels. Given the historical position of Daimler's irreplaceable, Germany Engineers Association Judenburg branch after his death, in Hugh Tate Plaza built his monuments, as he was driving his first motorcycle in this square.

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