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Founded In 1926 By Founder Antonio Cavalieri Ducati | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

  Founded in 1926 by founder Antonio Cavalieri Ducati, Ducati is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Its products are renowned for their excellent performance and Italian-style design.

  Ducati is a unique motorcycle brand, when the Japanese motorcycle is the best means of transport, Harley-Davidson on behalf of some people's life grade, Ducati is with enthusiasm and dedication to become high-performance toys. Ducati is not built for the needs of the market, but for love. Each Ducati contains history, style, performance and technology, which is by no means comparable to other brands. --Ducati, chairman of the Board of Directors Federico Minoli

  More than 50 years of outstanding engineering production, competition testing and Italian-style design, Ducati built an immortal motorcycle heritage. The winning car is Lucchinelli, Polen, Roche, Corser and Fogarty. For a fanatical rider, Ducati is what they dream of.

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