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Founder Profile | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

Torakusu Yamaha (Torakusu Yamaha) founder of the Yamaha Group (1851-1916)

Torakusu Yamaha familiar with Western science and technology from a young age. In 1887, at that time as a medical instrument repairman torakusu Yamaha in Japan Hamamatsu ordinary primary school (now the fanjiachuanyuancheng primary school) after a typhoon Jean of repair, interest in the organ and started manufacturing organ. Out of confidence for business prospects, Yin Nan persuaded Ye Fengqin manufacturing was founded in 1889. 8 years later, Yamaha Group's predecessor--Japan musical instrument manufacturing corporation was founded.

With a highly-motivated, forward-thinking and aggressive style, torakusu Yamaha finally succeed. These laid the basis of the Yamaha brand, is today an important legacy of the Yamaha group.

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