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HONDA Accord Car Maintenance Common Sense | Updated: Sep 30, 2017

Honda sedan is a high quality car, daily maintenance is very important. Some users have opened nearly 200,000 kilometers, the condition and operation is still very good, and some only opened less than 100,000 kilometers but fault frequently, investigate its reason, mainly is different car owner's maintenance. Here are some of the Honda Accord maintenance common sense method, hope to help you!

Honda Accord Car Maintenance Common sense is as follows:

I. Maintenance of the engine

Correct use of oil:

Engine maintenance is the correct use of oil first. The main function of oil is to form oil film on the surface of the machine, so as to reduce the friction resistance, reduce the wear and noise of machine and prolong the service life.

Oil is divided into two categories: one weight is the SAE viscosity standard, the smaller the viscosity level means that the smaller the viscosity, such as: SAE 5w-30, of which 5 w indicates that the viscosity of the winter level is 5, while the summer viscosity grade is 30; Another method is according to the performance of oil classification, that is, API level, such as SA, SB, SF ... SJ, SJ is the highest grade, indicating wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance to the highest standards.

Honda's high speed engine requirements API SJ Efficient oil, Shenzhen climate suitable for 5w-30 or 10w-30 of oil. Honda's special oil for Honda cars, more suitable for Shenzhen car owners to use, but also can use the same level of the full synthetic oil, the variety in reducing wear, noise, power and other aspects of a slight improvement, but the price is more expensive, such as Elf synthetic Super Racing oil market price of about 380 yuan/4l around. and Honda Special oil market price of 140 yuan/4l around.

Special reminder is: Different levels, different brands of oil can not be mixed, because each oil has a variety of different additives, mixed use is easy to chemical reaction, resulting in oil deterioration, damage to the engine.

Oil Replacement Frequency:

Honda's replacement of oil and filter cartridges is 5000km or 6 months, which is critical to the normal use of the car. As the number of miles increases, the metal particles in the oil are being sharpened, which will aggravate the wear and tear of the mechanical parts. In addition, the oil in the metal particles, dust and oil colloid will precipitate on the surface of the machine to form sludge, serious will clog oil road, causing serious wear, ablation, advance into the overhaul period.

Style of cleaning and replacement:

Regular driving 10000km or 6 months should be clean a style, every 20000km or 12 months to replace the new style, if the long-term does not change style will cause the style of blockage, the air into the cylinder to reduce, resulting in insufficient power, fuel consumption increase.

Gasoline Filter:

Every 20000km or 12 months should be replaced by gasoline filter, if the long-term does not give up will plug the gasoline lattice, causing the head weakness, shaking and other failures.

Water tank:

Conventional requirements for every 40,000 km or two years to replace water tanks, and recommended the use of water tanks for the use of the Honda tank or a mixed with distilled waters, but in any case, it is prohibited to add water directly, otherwise in the waterway surface will produce scale, reduce the heat dissipation performance, but also corrode the machine.

II. Maintenance of automatic transmission

Honda uses the world's unique parallel axis automatic transmission, the shift principle is similar to the manual transmission, so its shift "impact" slightly larger than the ordinary Simpson gear transmission. Honda Transmission maintenance is very important, if the neglect of maintenance may appear to shift the impact of large, shift late, or even "empty oil" (that is, skid) phenomenon.

General requirements for the use of Dexronⅱ or Ⅲ-grade automatic transmission oil, the recommended use of the Honda special Automatic transmission oil (ATF). The Honda Motor should replace the ATF every 20000km or 12 months. When the vehicle accumulated about 100,000 kilometers, the transmission shift may be slightly rough, at this time with the Wave box cleaning machine to wash away the oil channel and valve body surface impurities and glial, replace the new ATF, and the wave box for appropriate adjustment can be resolved.

III. Braking system

Conventional requirements for DOT3 or DOT4 brake oil, the use of Honda-specific brake oil, the prohibition of different markings of the brake oil mixed, and each drive 20,000 km or 12 months should be replaced once. Long-term change or wrong use of brake oil in the pipeline and the piston to produce gum, so that the brakes are weak. In addition, if the braking system found that there is any improper, should immediately check repair, in order to avoid accidents.

IV. Problems needing attention in driving

1. Water temperature: The water temperature in the water tank is as human body temperature, the water temperature is too good like a person's fever, will soon burn the engine. Therefore, once the water temperature table pointer over the midline and into the red line, it should immediately stop flameout, check whether the leakage, the operation of electronic fan and the level of water.

2, the machine oil lamp: The fuel is also a very dangerous sign, indicating that the oil pressure is insufficient or the oil volume may be insufficient, at this time should also immediately stop flameout, check the oil volume and whether oil leakage, otherwise very easy to burn the engine.

V. Special tips

1, should each drive 50000km into the repair shop to carry on the inspection to the whole vehicle, mainly including: the chassis important connection screw's solid, examines the tire pressure, each kind of oil and water is sufficient, the quality how, the brake skin, the transmission belt, various kinds of ball head wear and so on, this is very

2, maintenance deputies with pure accessories. At present many pusher use most owner Marina, shoddy, deceive customer. Some of the waste oil filtered diluted directly into the waste of "Mobil", "shell" and other oil barrels, sold to some roadside shops to seek violence, and some old parts refurbished or factories made accessories to hit "Pure parts" for sale. This not only disrupted the market, but also for the owner is a great safety hazard. Therefore, the choice in the Honda special Repair station maintenance, repair, and in the special site selection of pure parts is also very important.

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