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Honda Enterprise Culture | Updated: Jun 16, 2017

  Honda Enterprise Culture

  Honda Motor Company (HondaMotor) is the automotive industry Peter Pan (PeterPan) ─ ─ a refusal to grow up the company. As the world's youngest and a handful of major independent car manufacturers, Honda has always liked the way. Honda firmly upholds the entrepreneurial initiative of its founder, the fast-moving corporate culture, and boldly sticks to its own path in terms of global strategy, product concept and sustainable use of resources. When the habitual thinking prompted the car manufacturers have to go in one direction, Honda noticed this point, then turn to another direction. The following are the same as the "

  Since 1948 as a motorcycle manufacturer was born so far, Honda's strategy has been very effective. Honda is now one of the world's seventh largest carmakers and one of the most profitable carmakers. Honda has a 15% market share in Japan. In the North American market, which accounts for almost two-thirds of Honda's operating profit, Honda has built a fifth car assembly plant and is attacking the final fortress of the "Big Three" automaker, the light truck market. It also occupies an important position in the new fuel. Honda has been in the leading position in these two areas when other carmakers are driving their mileage and emissions - the two major issues that dominate the 21st century auto industry - big headaches.

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