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HONDARanked Among The Top Ten Car Manufacturers In The World | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Honda Co., Ltd. (Honda Technology Co., Ltd.) is the world's largest manufacturer of motorcycles, automobile production and scale is also ranked among the top ten car manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1948, the founder is the legendary figure Honda Zongichiro. The company is headquartered in Tokyo with a total of about 180,000 employees. Now, Honda is already a multinational automobile, motorcycle production and sales group. Its products in addition to cars, motorcycles, there are generators, agricultural machinery and other power machinery products.

Honda Motor Company (HondaMotor) is the automotive industry Peter Pan (PeterPan) ─ ─ a refusal to grow up the company. As the world's youngest and a handful of major independent car manufacturers, Honda has always liked the way. Honda firmly upholds the entrepreneurial initiative of its founder, the fast-moving corporate culture, and boldly sticks to its own path in terms of global strategy, product concept and sustainable use of resources. When the habitual thinking prompted the car manufacturers have to go in one direction, Honda noticed this point, then turn to another direction.

Since 1948 as a motorcycle manufacturer was born so far, Honda's strategy has been very effective. Honda is now one of the world's seventh largest carmaker and one of the most profitable carmakers. Honda has a 15% market share in Japan, surpassing Nissan, after Toyota. In the North American market, which accounts for almost two-thirds of Honda's operating profit, Honda has built a fifth car assembly plant and is attacking the final fortress of the "Big Three" automaker, the light truck market. It also occupies an important position in the new fuel. Honda has been in the leading position in these two areas when other carmakers are driving their mileage and emissions - the two major issues that dominate the 21st century auto industry - big headaches.

Its brand


Honda in 1968 grand launch of the first generation of the mileage (Legend), as the Honda car series banner, mileage in many aspects are reflected in the quality of luxury cars, the interior natural and generous, luxurious and elegant materials, creating a harmonious atmosphere of the car The In November 2003 the Guangzhou auto show, the mileage has launched a new performance of the luxury car.


The development of Civic is parallel to the development of Honda manufacturers. The first Civic was introduced in 1972, is a small low-cost, backcourt back car, when the United States just happened the first fuel crisis. The car was quickly confirmed by journalists, the auto industry, and most of the public consumers as a benchmark. Each car with Civic is a very fine small car, good performance and fuel savings.


The series is released from the third generation, the series will be out of the traditional MPV mature and stable characteristics, began to move to the style of movement, then from the Panthers style car body streamlined shape has long been popular, and the new On the basis of further upgrades, and the use of a number of Honda's latest family elements.


The original code QX Airwave, is HONDA to Fit chassis based on the re-development of the travel vehicle, positioning and MITSUBISHIColtPlus similar to the length of 4.3 meters, the domestic 206SW is this type of car; overall shape inherited Odyssey low, Wide, flat, front tank cover with Stream similar to the large double-wing design, the rear is showing a new visual experience, the car's biggest feature is to meet the name of Airwave, in particular, the C column part of the glass package Cover, only at the bottom of the C column with a special nameplate as a segment.


Stream is a new concept of seven RV RV, focusing on Smart's compartment layout design, and flexible control of the traffic performance and chic smooth body lines, it is a new car attractive place. The overall three-tier crystal headlights, rounded rear and unique window contours and high-set taillights and brake lights combination, the most able to show a new design ideas. When the rhyme is like a magnet, wherever they are attracted joy, praise of the eyes, in addition to the shape of the whale dolphin, the most important thing should be the overall feeling of Stream is very refreshing, and not too much chrome decorated with.


Honda FCX has released the "FCX-V2", "FCX-V3", "FCX-V4" and "FCX" 5-generation hard times since the first release of the FCX-V1 fuel cell test vehicle in 1999. 2002 "FCX" world for the first time made the US government that; September "FCX" the world's first access to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) "zero pollution vehicles" that. December 2, 2002, Honda at the same time to the Japanese government and the Los Angeles city government delivered the first batch of FCX, becoming the world's first commercial sales of fuel cell vehicles manufacturers. The presence of the Honda FCX marks zero pollution of the fuel cell car finally came out from the laboratory, its performance to meet people on a "car" basic requirements.

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