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Kawasaki Heavy Industry Group In 1878 Since The Beginning Of Shipbuilding | Updated: Jul 01, 2017

  Kawasaki Heavy Industry Group in 1878 since the beginning of shipbuilding, in railway vehicles, aircraft, "Kawasaki" brand is known inside and outside the motorcycle transportation machinery and systems field, the establishment of the cause of the foundation, in order to adapt to the changes in the Times, to expand its business to include gas turbines, gas engines, energy equipment, environmental equipment, including energy, environmental protection and industrial machinery, hydraulic machinery, robotics, and other industries.

  At present, Kawasaki Heavy industry Group through hundred Years of history in the accumulation of a wide range of high-end technology, to provide quality products and services to customers and society to make contributions. 2007, we developed the "Kawasaki Group • Mission statement." In this mission statement, we will be the highest ideal for the global Kawasaki "to contribute to the world's rich life and the future of the Earth's environment", and to define the social mission of Kawasaki Heavy industry group.

  In recent years, the development of the world economy is dominated by the emerging countries, accelerating the growth continuously, on the other hand, global warming and other environmental problems become increasingly serious. In this case, Kawasaki Heavy industry group in the transport machinery and systems, energy environment, industrial machinery in various areas, according to the needs of customers and society to provide energy-saving, low-carbon and resource-saving products and services, such as the pursuit of low environmental load technology, to "make more people live a prosperous life" and "Global environmental protection" These two seemingly contradictory issues to achieve harmony and contribute to the sustainable development of the world.

  Kawasaki Heavy Industry Group in order to cope with changes in the social and business environment, will continue to reform and innovation. We create a variety of products, to customers and society to make a global scale contribution to achieve the growth of enterprises.

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