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KAWASAKIFinale Models - Vysys-X 300 | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

Kawasaki in the country should be regarded as a very popular big trade brand, and why? Because Kawasaki always give us a surprise, more importantly, Mo friends like to surprise! Following the call by the friends were called "ground gas" Z650, Ninja 650 and Z900, Kawasaki brought this year's finale models - Vysys-X 300! September 10 domestic official listing!

Versys-X 300 first appearance is in last year's Milan show, was Kawasaki site shining star, although the car is used and Ninja 250/300 with the platform engine, but the limelight or pressure over the Z900 and Z650. Kawasaki's personality, the car is certainly introduced into the country, but taking into account the Kawasaki on the domestic delivery of the Ninja 250, so guess it is likely to introduce the Versys-X 250, but soon Kawasaki announced that the introduction of Versys-X 300, so that domestic riders more looking!

At present it is known that the Versys-X 300 is used with the Ninja 300 and Z300 with the platform of the parallel cylinder, water-cooled DOHC 4-valve engine, displacement 296mL, the specific parameters are not known, but guess Kawasaki will be based on The use of the ADV model requires fine tuning of the engine. At the same time before the shock is 41mm vertical fork, after the shock with a multi-link structure, the former 19-inch rear 17-inch spoke wheel hub, before and after the double piston calipers.

In fact, every time Kawasaki a shot, can pass the way to break the record of domestic motorcycles, from the cheapest imports before the four-cylinder Z800, Z800 to break the previous record Z900, although now the cheapest import four-cylinder record holder CB650F, but Versys-X 300 has become the smallest displacement of the import of ADV cars, but also should be the cheapest imported ADV car, the specific cheap to what extent, I think it is necessary to look forward to.

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