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SUZUKI Enterprise Development | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

  SUZUKI Enterprise Development

  In the early fifties, from the initial launch of the Bicycle Power Free ", after the 125cc motorcycle" Colleda ", as the modern car revolution pioneer debut of the mini-car" Suzulight ", and both are the full use of the most advanced technology Especially in the field of micro-car, since 1973, "ALTO" and "WAGONR" and other best-selling products as the representative of the SUZUKI brand mini-car, in 33 years, has been exclusive of Japan's domestic sales of the first.

  Today, Suzuki to cars, motorcycles, outboards, SUZUKI all kinds of residential products such as the main, along with people's lives steadily. Suzuki is not only popular in Japan, in the world, but also by the people of the welcome and love.

  In the early eighties, in Japan, automobile and motorcycle manufacturers, Suzuki took the lead in China to carry out the production of motorcycles. Now, Suzuki to the joint venture as the center, in the "standing on the user's position, the production of valuable products," SUZUKI the effort to build to meet the needs of Chinese customers a variety of cars and motorcycles. We will be in China and in the world by the love and trustworthy S logo together, the future, and constantly move forward.

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