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Suzuki In The Chinese Auto Market There Is The Opportunity To Do Bigger And Stronger? | Updated: Jul 12, 2017

  Suzuki in the Chinese auto market there is the opportunity to do bigger and stronger?

  From the Chinese auto market, some of the new trends in the development point of view, should also begin Suzuki in the Chinese auto market once again bigger and stronger to provide some more and more obvious opportunities:

  One of the favorable trends: China's auto market is increasingly mature and rational, especially in a second-tier cities. Cars will increasingly return to the scope of transport, and with the so-called "face" decoupling, while increasingly congested, parking difficult and taking into account the use of economy and other issues, will also promote the future demand for small cars will pick up.

  Advantage of the trend of two: three or four lines and the following level of the market still has a good car consumer demand, especially for small cars. Although China's overall auto market demand growth has dropped back to single digits, but in the majority of the three or four lines and below the level of the market still maintained double-digit growth, and the most critical is limited by the relatively limited Spending power, these markets for small and medium-sized car demand is relatively strong, if Suzuki can run this market, by virtue of its brand and product strength will certainly have a comparative advantage.

  Advantage of the trend of the three: joint venture brand prices although the next step but the space is limited. From the current situation, the joint venture brand price dropping the trend is more obvious, but limited by the cost, it may be a space for exploration. And Suzuki's leadership in cost control will increasingly play an important role, both in terms of the price of further joint ventures or the same level of profit margins.

  I think, from the external environment, Suzuki in the Chinese auto market is still a big chance to do bigger and stronger, but the key lies in Suzuki in the market-oriented tone, the rapid conduct of some strategic and tactical level Adjustment. Strategy is correct, the implementation in place, Suzuki in the Chinese auto market will find a feeling again.

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