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United States National Motorcycle History | Updated: Jul 14, 2016

United States is one of the earliest motorcycles,

Famous companies such as Harley-Davidson and Indian.

Harley-Davidson has become a symbol of an era nostalgia. In 1907, the Harley-Davidson company produced the first v-twin cylinder engine, compared to traditional single-cylinder engine, it can provide twice the power for motorcycle. This type of engine in the United States in more than 80 years of history of motorcycle manufacturing, occupies a dominant position. In 30 generation, Harley motorcycle of sales high Home United States local of topped; to has 40 generation, Harley motorcycle by has United Kingdom motorcycle of challenge, because they weight more light, and speed faster; 60 early, small displacement of Japan motorcycle large influx United States market; 1969, Harley company and United States mechanical and casting company merged, strengthened has capital and resources market; 80 late, Harley motorcycle full revitalization, it produced of each car motorcycle are is quality of guarantee.

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