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Yamaha Group's Main Business | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Yamaha Group's main business

Commuter motorcycle business:

Office workers in Asia, South America, Europe and other places, as a daily travel tool and in the distribution, handling and other business aspects of extensive use, and people's lives are closely related to the product. In today's modern society, which brings the issue of energy, traffic jam and so on, the mobility of motorcycles, energy conservation and space saving are getting more and more attention.

Boat engine business:

The Yamaha Boat Engine Division initially produced the production of off-board machines, the third of which was Yamaha's third product line with a small engine technology for motorcycles. The Division launched the first product is a 7 horsepower outside the machine, after the listing in 1960 with its simple design and excellent durability quickly received market praise. Subsequent development of the diesel engine for boats is a reliable and efficient power plant dedicated to fishing vessels of 3 tons or less aimed at promoting the development of coastal fisheries.

PAS business:

The purpose of the Yamaha PAS business is to develop the original personal use of bicycles as an efficient means of transport to meet the needs of closely related to the contemporary social problems that began in the 1980s. Including energy and environmental protection, serious traffic congestion and social aging. PAS electric bike is Yamaha ten years as one day unremitting efforts, carefully developed the results.

Water Environment Business:

Production and sale of high-quality purification performance filter water purifier and household electrolysis water machine.

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