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Yamaha Logo Logo Is A Symbol Of The Yamaha Brand | Updated: Jun 02, 2017

  Yamaha logo logo is a symbol of the Yamaha brand, by the founder of Mount Ye Yinnan's surname-the English alphabet and the mountain leaf combination of the tuning fork. The 3 tuning forks represent the three major departments of Yamaha--the close cooperation between technology, manufacturing and sales, and the endless vitality of Yamaha is represented as the center of music as the symbol of the tuning fork to the World (outer ring). In addition, this symbol has been given the basic elements of Music: melody, harmony and rhythm of the meaning of harmony. Purple, traditionally regarded as a noble color, gives the impression of elegance and high taste, because it matches the Yamaha business of musical instruments and music and is used as a corporate color.

  The difference between the logo of Yamaha engine group

  Yamaha Group and the brothers company Yamaha engine Group logo logo, although using the same tuning fork logo, but there are subtle differences.

  1. The position of the tuning fork front end is different. The Yamaha group's logo is in the ring, while the Yamaha Engine group's logo rings in the middle of the outer ring.

  2. The letter "M" is different. The "M" Middle part of the Yamaha group does not touch the bottom, while the Yamaha engine group's "M" middle section extends to parallel to both ends.

  3. Yamaha Engine Group's Yamaha's letter is symmetrical, but the Yamaha group's left and right are asymmetrical. This is the use of the illusion of human eyes, in order to make the letter more beautiful and specially designed original fonts, not the printing plant or computer fonts.

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