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Yamaha's History Begins With A Broken Organ | Updated: Sep 28, 2017

Yamaha's history begins with a broken organ.

It was in 1887, by the Japanese Hamamatsu ordinary primary school as a baby organism suddenly did not ring, was repaired by the time was as a medical device repairman Ye Yin Nan. For the first time to see the internal structure of the organ Yin Yin on this instrument had an interest, and germination of their own hands to create an organ of the idea.

Thus, he was based on the observed structure of the repair, together with the decorating craftsman Hehe Saburo together to create one after another parts. After 63 days of repeated tests, Japan's first domestic organ finally born. Yamaha In order to allow the completion of the organ to be reviewed, the two with a pole carrying the organ on foot over the Hakone Ridge, all the way to Tokyo's music survey (now Tokyo Art). However, the face of "organ shape is good, but the regulation is not allowed, it is difficult to use" such a cruel evaluation, the two very disappointed. "In this way, Yin Nan left in Tokyo, with special attendance in the identity of the music survey from scratch to learn music theory and tuning methods." 1 month after the assault study, Yin Nan returned to the Hamamatsu, began day and night to concentrate on the production of the organ, and finally completed the second organ. Yamaha The second review was "recognized as an alternative to imported organ".

In 1889, Yin Nan set up a joint venture company mountain crest organ manufacturing. 8 years later, the Japanese musical instrument manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established. The following year, to determine the "tuning fork" for the chapter, "title of the tuning fork of the Phoenix map" for the trademark. At the time of the organ, Yamaha all painted the Phoenix map.

In 1899, Yin Nan traveled to the United States to inspect the piano factory, to promote the localization of piano and many other initiatives are in the forefront of the times.

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